Patch Testing


People who have difficult to manage dermatitis or rashes after contact with products such as metal jewellery, sunscreens, cosmetics and even creams used to treat the dermatitis.  For these problems, patch testing is needed to exclude a contact allergy that is an allergy to something that comes into contact with the skin.

Patch testing involves the application of a number of compounds that commonly cause contact allergy to the skin of the back.  The area is then covered with a waterproof tape and the patches are left in place for 48 hours.  You will then need to return for review and the patches are removed and examined by the doctor to look for any reaction to the compounds.  The area will then be marked with with a pen so the position of the patches is known.  A further 48 hours later you will return for another review and you will be examined again for any delayed reactions to the compounds.  Because of the need to review the patches 48 hours apart, the appointments will need to be made on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Most patients requiring Allergy Patch Testing will be referred by their dermatologist specifically to have these tests carried out.  In this case the total cost will be $720 though after Medicare rebates your out of pocket expenses will be about $394.  A report will be provided to your dermatologist by the following Wednesday so that they can continue your treatment.


Patch testing clinics occur outside normal clinic times so appointments must be made by calling on 02 8214 6300.  Online appointments are not available for this service.