Northern Sydney Allergy have made their specialist services available to rural areas via online video consulting.

Allergies are an increasingly prevalent problem in Australia with allergic reactions ranging from the irritating to the life-threatening. Seeking advice and treatment from an allergy specialist can be difficult for those living outside metropolitan areas. Northern Sydney Allergy offers its expert services to anyone with an internet connection, improving specialist access and patient health.

Known as Telehealth, online consultations provide high-quality and secure medical services to patients using communications technology and video conferencing.

Telehealth allows patients who find it difficult to travel to see a specialist, including those based in rural and remote areas, to access specialist care from their GP clinic or their own home.

Telehealth is gaining attention in the healthcare sector as part of the solution to Australia’s problem with vast distances. Consequently, it is one of the most rapidly rising areas in the health sector, and has been claimable under Medicare since 2011.

Dr Falk of Northern Sydney Allergy states that Telehealth appointments are new to the practice but are being welcomed by its wide-spread client base.

“We’ve had patients travel long distances to attend our clinic, from Dubbo, Orange and Yass and even South Africa in the last few weeks,” Dr Falk said. “We can now use this fantastic technology to provide high-quality, consistent allergy consultations to them and other patients across Australia.”

Northern Sydney Allergy patients who book a Telehealth video conference are encouraged to attend their appointment in the presence of their GP to simplify the process of obtaining tests and prescriptions. Where this is not possible, communication between Northern Sydney Allergy specialists, the patient, and the GP is maintained outside of the consultation.

Dr Falk acknowledges that not all services can be offered via Telehealth, but says much can still be gained.

“When we take a patient’s history we use our specialist knowledge to determine exactly what tests are required and work with the patient and their GP to get them done. This can save a lot of time and money for patients. It’s convenient and it works.”

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About Northern Sydney Allergy

Northern Sydney Allergy is a leading provider of specialist allergy-related healthcare. Located in St Leonards, Sydney. The practice focuses on allergic disorders, particularly of children, and while using an ‘old-world’ ethos of listening to patients in an unhurried and compassionate manner, our specialists draw on the latest science when approaching patients’ allergy problems.

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