Unorthodox Allergy Testing

Allergy is a science based speciality and as a member of Australian (ASCIA), European (EAACI) and American (ACAAI) Allergy and Immunology Societies only scientifically validated testing is recommended by Dr Falk. Diagnosis requires a detailed history in addition to the application of appropriate tests to confirm diagnosis.  The tests used should be based on scientific evidence which has been shown through large studies to be reliable and repeatable.

Unfortunately there are many unproven tests available which claim to diagnose allergies and intolerances. They are not based on good medical science and there is no scientific basis for the testing or evidence that the results of the tests have any real meaning . We do not use these tests and would not recommend that a patient have them. These tests include:

  • IgG food antibody testing
  • Vega electro-diagnostic testing
  • Cytotoxic testing, Alcat test, Bryans test
  • Iridololgy
  • Kinesiology
  • VoiceBio tests
  • Pulse testing
  • Hair analysis
  • Oral provocation